A new production has opened up for California Public Theatre. The Playroom, which I saw last Sunday afternoon is the telling of Mary Drayton’s somewhat dated but very interesting tale of a couple; and a group of young adults/kids known as the “Filthy Five," led by a sadistic daughter. S. Eric Day’s intimate directing style brings Drayton’s piece to an enjoyable setting in the edge of your seat story.

When Judy’s father (a strong, determined Ryan Barnes) marries his umpteenth wife, Louise (a sincere Britt Downs); Judy has issues with this. She plots along with her cohorts (the Filthy Five) to come up with a plan to kidnap Louise’s daughter in order to cause distress, and break up the couple. At no fault of the cast’s, the script loses sight of this initial motivation. Towards the end of the play, it just seems as if the Filthy Five, and mainly Jud, ,are just punks rather than misunderstood kids who want to run their own life. However, Day and company do a more than adequate job in staying true to the material, and give it their own touch.

Renee Behan is our leading lady and boy does she drive this show. I don’t think she goes longer than 5 minutes without saying a string of dialogue amongst her co-stars. Behan is a fantastic pick for this troubled young lady. Likewise, Luke Church (Christopher) gives a strong standing as her... Read the whole thing here!


Jeri Stubblefield
07/19/2013 08:14

Why do you make it so difficult to find the venue address on your website, the Facebook Page, etc.....


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